Sometimes you know it’s time to take action. Other times you want candid feedback from a lawyer about options that will affect your career strategies. Either way, Quest Law Firm can help.

In cases where a corporate executive is involved, whether it is a contract negotiation or a matter involving fundamental civil rights, the stakes are usually high. There is no better strategy than to have a seasoned, knowledgeable attorney defending your rights or advocating in your best interest.

Quest Law Firm has been providing clients in Southern California with spirited representation and insightful guidance for more than 30 years. We are known for delivering high-quality and personalized legal services, ensuring that every client’s rights are preserved and all opportunities are explored.

We advocate for individual executives, negotiate favorable employment contracts for executives, or fight for what is rightly due to our clients when terms of their contracts are being disputed.

Some examples of the results of Quest Law Firm obtained for its executive clients:

  • Enforced employment agreement for CFO through arbitration obtaining severance of $120,000, and enforcing stock option claim and recovered attorney’s fees for a total recovery of $294,512.
  • Enforced employment agreement in arbitration for Division President overcoming Board of Directors’ allegations of “good cause” to terminate, obtaining $1.6 million in severance and stock vesting.
  • The attainment of $338,168 after arbitration for Company President fired in retaliation for opposing discrimination.
  • Obtained numerous settlements for executives in various industries, into seven figures, but Quest Law Firm does not report on settlements that are confidential.