Quest Law Firm has represented both businesses and individuals in the area of contract disputes. These clients and cases have spanned a wide range of industries.

Quest Law Firm’s business law practice includes disputes arising out of breach of contract, disputes arising out of partnership and other closely-held business entities, (accounting, dissolution, and fiduciary duties), unfair competition and usury.

“A Man’s Got to Know His Limitations”

Dirty Harry got it right. Some battles are too big for small law firms, and sometimes for the small to medium sized business. Quest Law Firm will give you a realistic assessment of whether it can handle your dispute, the need to associate with another law firm, or whether your goals are realistic.

From Negotiation Through Litigation

While our first course of action in business contract disputes often is to explore efficient paths to resolution through negotiation, mediation or arbitration, sometimes there is no other option than to take the matter to court. You have a much greater chance of creating a positive outcome more quickly, and with a higher-value result, with an experienced and prepared contract dispute lawyer.

Extensive courtroom experience

Quest Law Firm clients have the advantage of working directly with a top-tier attorney who possesses the necessary experience and know-how to guide a case to the most advantageous resolution.